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Email Guidelines for Parents

We are pleased to offer email as a means to communicate with staff. Email is a very useful tool, but it does have limitations. Please observe the following guidelines when emailing teaching staff.

Due to their busy schedules, teachers may not be able to check their email during any given teaching day. Therefore, email should not be used for messages of a pressing nature, such as request for that day's homework, changes in transportation arrangements etc.

It may take a day or two to get a response from a teacher, and that response may be a phone call rather than an email. Please include a telephone number in your email should the teacher wish to call you.

Please be sure to include a specific subject line on your email message, such as 'possible dates for meeting,' or 'birthday party update.' This will help the teacher to distinguish legitimate email from spam.

Teachers may not check email during vacations and on weekends.

Email should never be used to convey emergency information

It is not recommended that email be used to communicate personal or confidential information.

Email is an excellent medium for short notes and requests of a general nature regarding curriculum, classroom policy, or the date of a class event or exam. It can be used, when a concern arises, to arrange a conference or phone call. It is not as useful for long detailed messages pertaining to grades, student progress, or disciplinary matters. These types of inquiries are better handled through traditional channels or phone calls, or conferences at school.

Please do not email and telephone about the same issue. Chose whichever medium is most convenient for you.

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