Odyssey of the mind

Students from BCSD elementary schools, middle schools, and the high school will be moving on to the state Odyssey Of The Mind competition after a stellar showing over the weekend.

The Odyssey of the Mind Regional Tournament at Broome-Tioga BOCES brought together some of the most creative student minds in our area's schools, and Binghamton students made an impact with their skills.

Odyssey Of The Mind is a competition that challenges students with creative and critical thinking challenges. Some some of those challenges they knew ahead of the competition, and some they are not given until their time in the competition starts.

The below teams are moving on to the New Your State tournament, which takes place in Syracuse on April 13th:

Division 1

Problem 1 -- Woodrow Wilson Elementary, 2nd place

Problem 5 -- Calvin Coolidge Elementary, 1st Place

Problem 5 -- Thomas Jefferson Elementary, 4th place

Division 2

Problem 4 -- East Middle School, 1st Place

Problem 4 -- West Middle School, 2nd Place

Division 3

Problem 3 -- Binghamton High School, 1st Place

Problem 5 -- Binghamton High School, 1st Place