Binghamton City School District Board Members (from left to right) Vice President Steve Seepersaud, President Brian Whalen, Timothy Ames (not pictured:  Korin L. Kirk, Ashley Montalvo, Albert Penna, Liza Beautz Turner)

Join us in taking a moment to recognize the commitment of the Binghamton City School District board members during School Board Recognition Week!

October 17-21 is School Board Recognition Week, and just as communities across the country are pausing to say “thank you” to their boards, we here in Binghamton are doing the same.

On October 18, the district held its annual Board of Education Recognition Breakfast at West Middle School. Featuring wonderful performances by members of the West Middle School Chorus and Orchestra, along with beautiful presents that were handmade by students, the breakfast served as a massive show of gratitude to the school board members’ work. After the breakfast, the board members went on a tour of some of the newest additions to West Middle School: the new dance studio, rock climbing wall, and fitness center.

The impact of our school board, and all school boards, cannot be overstated. It lays the framework for the education of each and every student and serves as the foundation on which the school community is built. School boards of education work tirelessly to develop a vision for districts, provide accountability, and drive the direction of the entire district culture.

Although board of education meetings may be held monthly, that in no way means that board of education members across the state are not working tirelessly on helping their districts. According to the New York State School Boards Association, about two-thirds of New York State’s school board members spend more than six hours per week on school board activities. 

So take a minute to reach out to our Board of Education members and thank them for their commitment to our students!

Binghamton City School District Board of Education

President: Brian Whalen

Vice President: Steve Seepersaud

Timothy Ames

Korin L. Kirk

Ashley Montalvo

Albert Penna

Liza Beautz Turner